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Event management

What is event management company?

An event management company is an organisation which holds expertise in organising different kinds of event as per the needs of the client. Event management companies are a team of dedicated employees who work continuously to make an event successful by proper planning and execution of plans. Type of events an event company does There are a number of events which an event management company organises and following is a list of a few kinds of events:

Corporate events: Corporate events are are formal events which are asked to be organised by various companies for different purposes. These events are sophisticated in nature and are of different types which are mentioned below:

Seminars and conferences: This includes all kinds of press conferences when a company launches a brand or wants to circulate a particular information in public. Seminars might be of various types such as workshops, on the job training, screenings, etc.

Incentive program events: At times, companies organise events in which they offer promotion to their employees and those events are called incentive program event.

Appreciation events: Companies often organise programs and award functions in which they recognise the work of their employees by awarding them certificates or momentos. These are generally annual events and are organised on a grand level.

Celebration events: Celebration events are organised when a company achieve a new milestone and also to celebrate some special days of the companies such as founders party or birth anniversaries of the chairperson.

Team building events: These events are organised to improve the motivation levels of the employees and to make them work even more harder. These are often routine events to provide refreshment to the employees once in a while.

• Board meeting: One of the most important corporate events is the meeting of the board members. This event is also organised on a good level as per maintaining high standards of the board members and are organised at least once in a year.

• Birthday parties: Birthday parties are among one of the most common events that are usually organised by event management companies. These parties include a lot of entertainment which is really important in making the event happening specially for the kids. Companies generally hire anchors and other engaging members to make these events a successful one.

• Weddings: One of the most common as well as popular events a company organises are wedding events. The event planners are supposed to manage hospitality of the wedding guests, catering, decoration and even costumes if the client demands. Destination weddings are becoming quite popular among the people and many event companies provide that service today.

• Theme parties: Theme parties are those events in which a particular colour of dressing or decoration is done to improve the aesthetics of the event. Theme parties might be a part of any other events like, wedding events, birthday parties or even kitty parties. Decoration plays the most important part in these kind of events.

• Exhibitions: Another type of events in this list is exhibitions. When it comes to exhibition, displaying of art and craft is most common. Photographers often organised photo exhibitions to showcase their photography skills and to attract many gigs. Exhibition events are also common among art galleries and artists who sell their work through such events.

• Bachelorette parties: Having a fun party when wedding is just around the corner is the demand of most of the people getting married these days. Bachelorette parties are one of the most happening events organised by an event planning company and again entertainment place the most important part here. Also in such events, planners must cater to the needs of the clients.

• Trade events: Trade events are generally organised by the government and include showcasing of product and services from different corners of an industry. These events generally require a lot of ground area as trading events are interactive and may invite a lot of audience.

• Kitty parties: Kitty parties are getting more and more common these days because of the western culture getting more prevalent. Kitty parties are generally organised for a group of ladies who share few hours of chit-chat and taking a break from there regular life. These events are quite popular among the elite section of the society.

• College fests: Each college has an annual big festival which is highly attractive to students and are extremely joyful. College fests generally includes artist performances and thus services related to artist management comes in play here. Therefore, those companies which provide artist management services are only eligible to organise these events.

• Sporting events: Sports events are also quite common these days because of it being encouraged among new generations. Sports events includes annual sports day meet, appreciation of popular performers, organising tournaments, and many more.
• Film and media events: All the cinematic events as well as film festivals come under this category. These events are solely based on artist management and good marketing as well as PR. Other than that, these events are expected to be well organised because of the high profiles associated with it.

Planning and execution of event management companies
Organizing any event is not a child’s play and requires a lot of planning and execution before the event becomes even near to successful. Following is a procedure of how an event is organised and executed within the event organizing companies:

• Knowing the client: The first and the foremost thing any event planner should do is meeting the client several times and knowing his or her expectations from the event. Ultimately, the event is organised for the client and if the client is not satisfied with the planning and execution then the event is not a success. The planners may suggest a few details or two to the client but the final organisation should be done according to his or her needs.

• Deciding the budget: One of the most important task of of event planning is deciding a budget and sticking to it. After deciding the budget, other tasks are continued according to the monetary terms decided for each and every task. Remember event planning is also a business and you should look for profit but not at the cost of ruining the event.

• Assigning roles: Any event has many aspects such as, catering services, searching for correct manpower, entertainment aspects, planning of the budget, marketing and branding and many more. All such areas should have at least a single person to manage them and they all should be reporting each and every detail to the topmost planner or the manager.

• Branding and marketing: What is the sense of organising an event when nobody shows up in it? That’s when the role play of branding and marketing comes in picture. The marketing and branding team should make sure that the event is popularised and reached to the correct audience as well as is presented in the best possible an genuine way. Branding and marketing will be the deciding factors of people showing up at the event.

• Backup planning: There is a popular saying, “Work for the best and prepare for the worst.” You may never know what may go wrong in an event and therefore you should have a backup plan for each and every aspect of an event so that you are equipped if anything goes wrong.

• Execution of plans: All the planning is a complete waste if the execution is not done properly. Execution of plans begins right from the branding and marketing when the event is gearing up for the big day. Remember the correct execution will definitely make your event a success and in this case assigning rolls to correct individuals comes in picture.

• Final results: After an event is finished, there are certain things to take notice of. First of all, clients should be asked regarding their satisfaction level of the event and the organisers must check whether the objective they were looking for is achieved or not. Event planning is a tough task and is continuously improved by working on feedbacks of the clients. By organising a perfect event you not only achieve your company’s objective but also add on a happy client to your organisation. A satisfied client will definitely get back to you for the future events.

Chances of growth of an event management company
Human beings are social animals and therefore, social gatherings and occasions are a part of every human. This clearly gives a green signal to the booming event management industry as we will require it as long as the mankind lives.

Be a private event or large scale international event, event management companies are known to handle it all and that too according to the guidance of clients itself. More and more people are considering to hire professionals for organising their events because of the perfection they offer and also by just paying the money and getting everything done so smoothly.

The growth of event managementhas been tremendous and statistics are positive for at least two more decades. As according to the bureau of labour statistics, event industry is expected to grow at a rate of 11% which clearly shows that looking for a career in event management is going to be beneficial and the growth of event management is already on a boom period.

Chances of growth of employees in event management business Event management is a booming sector and so is the career opportunities associated within the industry. If you are someone looking forward to make a career in event industry then there is a positive signal for you because the demand of event management companies is only increasing.

There are several job positions which will make you a part of event industry and all of them will surely make your career only grow.
Some of such job opportunities are mentioned below:

• Meeting manager: Meeting manager is a person who is responsible for all the managerial responsibilities regarding meeting with the clients. He is the mediator between client and the event planners and is generally someone with extraordinary communication skills. Meeting managers generally attend meetings with the clients and understand their requirements regarding their expectations from the event.

• Event manager: Event managers are the most responsible ones for the happening of the event. They are the incharge of the whole event and everything is done under their control. They are accountable to the board members if anything goes wrong with the event. But also are the ones who get the most perks of being in the event industry.

• Marketing event manager:
Marketing is important when it comes to events which are open to public such as, college festivals, screening events, seminars and exhibitions, etc. Marketing event manager is responsible to spread information of these events as much as he can to gain more and more audience. Special events such as high profile weddings and press conferences even includes media coverage.

• Catering manager: Any event is incomplete without good food served. Catering manager is responsible to ensure that the food served in the event is timely served, is of good quality and is enough for all the ones attending the event. Catering manager is definitely an important member of any event industry specially in cases of weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations.

• Communication specialist: Communication is a key to success of any event management company. This is because knowing the expectations of the clients as well as maintaining communication with all the people involved in an event is the most important factor to the success of any kind of event. Communication specialists are also responsible for arranging meetings between clients and the meeting manager and are also a great support to the customer service department.

• Event director: As the name suggest, event director is someone who is the topmost chairholder of any event company. He or she stays in close contact with the event manager to know about smooth flowing of the events. Event director is generally the one who handles the negotiation part and also works in the overall favour of the company.

• Event assistant: Event assistant is someone who is new to the business and generally works under the event manager sometimes as the event coordinator to learn how actual things work. Event assistant are responsible to check the continuous working of the scheduled activities and also to check if everything is going as per the planning.

Challenges faced by an event company

Event management is not a child’s play and therefore, there are many challenges which come along the way of planning an event. Also, the employees also face challenges throughout their career and some of such hardships mentioned below:

1. Work during weekends: There are no particular days for events or infact, many events happen in the weekends only. Thus, employees in this industry have to work during the weekends and skip their party plans!

2. Lot of stress: There is a lot of hassle when it comes to planning an event as it has various dimensions to cover. From managing caterers to hiring volunteers, there’s a lot to cover in between which can lead to stress problems among the managers.

3. Mandatory experience: Dealing with clients, convincing the collaborators, hiring manpower, organising an event requires a lot of experience and therefore, the newbies might have to face failures or disappointments in the beginning to gain experience.

4. Tough competition: In present times, there are a lot of event management companies in the market and therefore, standing out of the crowd is kind of a big deal. You have to be better than the rest to get more clients as the competition is growing day by day.

5. Chances of no work: Unlike traditional corporate firms, event management companies are completely dependent upon the projects they get. This may lead to unemployment or even big loss when there are no new projects to handle. Hence, there is always a risk of having no work for an indefinite period.

6. Affected by economic recessions: Economic recessions are unfortunate, and sadly events are the first ones to be cut off from the list to save money because celebrations can be postponed but emergencies cannot be. Therefore, events are never in the priority list during the period of economic recessions.

7. Dealing with tough clients: This is a huge world and not everybody in this world is same. In this industry, you will definitely face people with a tough skin and it will be a huge task to convince them or make them understand certain things. In such cases, your experience comes in handy but you have to put in a lot of efforts to deal with them.

8. Life on the go: The life of an event management employee is always on the move. Since you will have different types of events on different location so you will have to travel for many projects which may make one’s life quite unstable, specially for the ones who have a family. Here, managing work and personal life becomes a task.

9. Quite tiring: Running here and there for different projects, attending numerous meetings for each and every event, having late night events all these things make the life of an event manager quite tiring and not everybody can deal with that.

10. Multi-skills required: You need to have a number of skills if you are interested to work in the event industry because of its dynamic nature. However, not everybody is multi-skilled and therefore working in this one may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

Perks of being in event industry
Despite all the challenges mentioned above, there are many perks of being in event industry and not many people are lucky enough to have all of them which makes all the hardwork worthy. Some of such advantages are as follows:

1. Travel all over: Who doesn’t like travelling? It is on the bucket list of every youngster and working in an event industry makes it possible to visit all your dream destinations. Since you will have to to travel to various cities for events you will definitely encounter some breathtaking views from all over the world.

2. Enjoy a glamorous life: Event industry is one of the most glamorous industries and therefore, if you are into attending parties and dressing well this might be the correct choice for you. Mind it you will never fall short of parties to attend and everyday will be like a weekend.

3. Not a basic job: Unlike the traditional job culture, event management is not a 9 to 5 job and has a very variety of dynamism in it. You may encounter a long period of vacation or even a time when you will not have even a single leave for weeks. Thus, if you are someone who do not like to stick to a certain schedule this might be your choice.

4. Potential for business: For the ones who you have business in their mind for the long run, can start with working in an event management company to make more and more contacts and build their network. This will help them to achieve their potential business plan as they will have right contacts for the right business.

5. Growth opportunities: You will never fall short of growing yourself when in an event industry because here you interact with different people who need to be dealt in a certain way. Also, it is a dynamic industry therefore, the growth opportunities are everlasting.

6. Less commitments: Most of the events are for a specific period of time and therefore you can indulge in this industry without any long term commitments. This makes it an ideal place for the freelancers to work if they want to pursue another passion of there’s alongside.

7. Skills required not education: Event management generally requires a lot of common sense and natural skills which are built over the period and has nothing to do with education. So if you have the correct skills, you do not need a particular degree to work and earn here.

8. Learn team work: Working in a team is something which will help you in every aspect of life and there is no better place to learn it than to work in an event management firm. Many students volunteer in events alongside their studies to learn and improve their leadership skills.

9. New experiences: This is definitely a thrilling industry and you will have a new experience in your hand with each and every project. This will fill your life with a number of experiences which will eventually help you to excel in other areas as well.

10. Meeting new people: Meeting and interacting with new people is always a thrilling experience and also teaches you how to deal with different people. For the ones who are are extroverts at heart, find it the best thing to do and this can be easily experienced by working here.

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