Career Objective

A team is strong when like-minded individuals come together for a single aim. At Stalwart Events, we believe in teamwork and efficiency. To accelerate our efforts in the right direction, we are creating openings in the fields as follows:

Business Development Executive (Full / Part Time)
It is important for any business to have a word in the market about its presence. And that can be done by forward-looking professionals who believe in the team values and ethics to grow. If you think, you have what it takes to mark, then we would be to grow. If you think, you have what it takes to make a mark, then we would be more than happy to connect with you.

Event Manager

Event Manager (Full Time / Freelancers) It’s a good idea to discuss our plans for managing events seamlessly. Because a lot of planning and problem-solving skills come into play, in delivering smooth events. Often the last moment changes and challenges can put the Event Managers in a fix, but the resourceful nature and patience in handling such situations can fill in the gaps. We are here to grow and grow together! So, hesitate not in applying for this job if you think you’re capable enough for it. Let’s sit together and work-out thoughts to make things build-up.

Software Developer

Friendly technologies to strengthen our marketing and digital channels of growth. Get

your codes and creativity aligned, and we would be happy to associate with you.

Marketing Head

We are looking for a marketer who has the thirst to connect with bigger audiences using the online and offline channels of marketing. If you know how to tap the target audience, it would be the right formula working for us. We are open to innovative ideas to market our services, and appreciate new idea to work on.


You move up the ladder of success only by accepting lessons. Fresh talent is appreciated for its rawness, out-the-box-thinking, enthusiasm and other factors. We want to give young event enthusiasts and beginners in this line, a sparkling opportunity to express themselves the best. Event management is both a creative and technical field, and requires team work and association to make things happen. If you think, you are good to start your journey or have already started it then there should be nothing stopping you. We motivate young minds to put their ideas forward to our clients, in order to experience those ideas taking the form of blossoming reality. Reach out to us.

How To Apply…?

Send us a hello at [email protected] along with your CV / Work Experience. We will get back to you at the earliest. For any queries, call us: 09711965612